Journalism Signature Assignment

Adam Giddings

Comm 1000


Journalism Signature Assignment

            News is life. The media outlets that we choose to follow, the events that are portrayed, and the perceptions we form from them impact and effect our lives. Whether it is watching a traffic report, a piece of celebrity fluff news, or something as serious as a bombing in the Middle East, we are effected. The way that the media portrays the world is basically how the world is. Every person by now is most likely aware of the recent use of chemical weapons in Syria, when it happened news crews and media everywhere went into a frenzy to try and report on the attack and spin it too their point of view. This paper will attempt to analyze the content and layout of 5 different news articles to see what kind of potential impact they may have on a person.

            Fox News is one of the most recognized conservative news sources in the USA. They’re report on the use of chemical weapons is straight forward and to the point. The page itself starts with the title of the article and directly below that the first thing you see is a video that begins to autoplay a news anchor detailing the events that happened in Syria. There are no other pictures or videos included on the page, it just goes straight into the article after that. The content of the article focuses mostly on individuals who were present in Idlib when the bombs containing the chemical weapons were dropped. The reporters involved used very formal language, and very little emotion was actually involved. Overall this article was good informationally, but in order to want to read it a person would most likely have to already be the kind of person that traverses the Fox News website regularly and therefore wouldn’t generate any new traffic or interest. It has nothing to really pull you in or pull at your emotions, it is mostly factual.

            The first thing that grabs a persons attention on the Washington Posts website is the MASSIVE amount of ads that are present. They are overall distracting from the article and have little to nothing to do with the actual content on the page. There is a picture of medical staff taking a victim of the bombing to treatment on a gurney, and that is about it. The layout of article is a mess. The actual content of the article is focused primarily upon the political forces involved in the attack, starting with a retelling of the UN’s response to the bombing and what other international forces are doing to deal with this chemical attack. The political discussion takes up the majority of the article, however it does dwell on the victims condition and what happened to them when the bombs dropped, telling in brutal detail the wounds that were inflicted by the bombs, “The magnitude of the attack was reflected in the images of the dead — children piled in heaps for burial, a father carrying his lifeless young twins.” If that doesn’t create a grizzly mental image that pulls on the heartstrings, I don’t know what does. Overall the quality of the article is greatly diminished by the highly distracting ads. If the reader isn’t also already interested in international politics surrounding the Syrian conflict this article does a good job of describing what is going on, and uses charged language to draw people in and feel empathy for those suffering in Syria.

            You know an article is going to be good when it starts with the, “This story contains graphic imagery” warning. That is exactly what CNN uses to as they report on the Syrian situation. The article starts with an image of a man with an oxygen mask over his mouth, staring into the camera with half open, glazed over eyes that basically say to all the world he is living a nightmare. Below the picture is a scrolling video list that has 18 different videos of content related to the bombings and the articles content. Throughout the article there are several different pictures and videos, each one exceptionally well placed, and each one either tugging at the heart strings or appealing to the logical necessity of action against the individuals who did this. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even like CNN but this article was extremely well done, and has equal parts emotion and logic. The site however does have a cluttered feel to it as there are so many different things competing for your attention.

            The Guardian is a news source in the UK. With a similar warning to that of CNN, you can know the article is going to play up the emotions quite a bit. And it does just that. Images and video of children and adults affected by the weapons are used at just about every available opportunity. The article in and of itself has an entirely different feel than those news sources in the US. Where as CNN, Fox, and WP all call for action and doing something about the attacks now, The Guardians call to action is to gather more information, to make sure that we have as many facts as we can, and then to act in accordance with those facts. The article is a solid read, it uses quite a few different interviews with people in the UK who are experts on things such as chemical weapons or international relations, and also appeals to a persons feelings.

            The Independent is another news source in the UK. Their article is ENTIRELY emotional. There is hardly anything involving the international politics involved, instead if focuses on the death toll and emotion wreckage left behind part and parcel with the physical devastation wrought on those affected. The pictures used are actually almost exactly the same as those used by CNN. Overall the article really works hard to make the reader feel the pain of the individuals involved, but has very little appeal to logic.

            Each and every article is aimed at trying to present accurate information, and also trying to help people to see the attacks the way the news source sees them. Their attempt to appeal to emotion and use facts is designed to make the reader feel empathy for the people who are negatively impacted by the bombing in Syria. The articles as a whole were similar, in the information presented, but the way that the information was presented was inredbly different between each source. 





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Speech Comm Signature Assignment

Adam Giddings
Comm 1000
Kellas, J.K. (2005) Family Ties: Communicating Identity Through Jointly Told Family Stories.
Communication Monographs, 72(4), 365-389.
“Family stories work to construct family identity. Little research, however, has examined storytelling in families. This study examined storytelling content and process to assess the extent to which families jointly integrated or fragmented a shared sense of identity and how these discursive practices relate to family qualities. Results of a study involving 58 family triads indicate relationships between story theme (e.g., accomplishment vs. stress), person referencing practices (e.g., we-ness vs. separateness), and interactional storytelling behaviors (e.g., engagement, turn-taking). Moreover, story framing, perspective-taking, statements about selves-in-the-family, and identifying as a ‘‘storytelling family’’ emerged consistently as positive predictors of family satisfaction and functioning. The results offer a portrait of how families communicate identity and functioning in joint storytelling interactions and further position storytelling as a communication phenomenon worthy of consideration” (p.365).
Storytelling is a way that we, as humans, define who we are. When done in a familial setting, it defines the interactions of family members how the family functions. The article talks about how the researchers could identify 7 different themes that each families story fit under. Ultimately each families stories fit into one of these categories, but no matter what the category is the family will interact with each other in the same way as they tell any story. The content may be different, the emotional investiture may be different, but ultimately the way that the mother talks to her son (and vice versa) remains consistent across different themes, and that is true for each family’s interaction with their siblings, spouses, parents, etc.
Fowler, C. (2009). Motives for Sibling Communication Across the Lifespan.
Communication Quarterly, 57(1). 51-66.
“The sibling bond has the distinction of being the most enduring and egalitarian connection of all family relationships. Unfortunately, although siblings play an important role in one another’s lives, relatively little is known about the communication that characterizes sibling relationships. This study investigated whether the interpersonal communication motives of siblings vary as a function of age or gender. Survey data was provided by 299 respondents aged 18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 64, and 65þ . There were significant differences by both age and gender for several of the communication motives.”
Gender and age have a significant impact upon the communicative patters of siblings. In reference to gender females are more likely to develop closer bonds with their siblings, especially if their siblings are female. The reason for this is because women place higher priority on things such as emotional disclosure as well as on physical contact. Men on the other hand are less likely to focus on these things and focus mostly on quality time. The article also states that a brother and a brother or a sister and a sister will be closer because the shared gender brings a level of base understanding to the table of their relationship. As far as age goes however there isn’t a ton of evidences to suggest that there is any affect. Most siblings communicate for the purpose of escaping the stresses of life and drawing closer together, and those reasons don’t really change across age.
The part about these articles that fascinating me the most was the art about sibling communication. My family is a blended family. My father was married, had three children, got a divorce and then married my mom to have 3 more kids. So there are 6 children total, with ages ranging from 35-10. Communicating with all of my siblings is like trying to juggle 5 different sized bowling balls. When the article about sibling communication referred to brother-brother communication and how they tend to be less close, I agreed 100% My brothers and I aren’t close at all. Part of that is also due to age though. We are at two COMPLETELY different points in our lives. Both of my older brothers are married with 5 children and they each own their own business, and here I am as a freshman in college still trying to figure out how to make ramen 10 different ways. We aren’t close because we don’t have many shared experiences, and they are so distant. So personally I think that age plays more of a roll than the researchers brought up, but my family also doesn’t have the typical dynamic.
Age, gender, and stories all play a very large role in how we communicate. By studying the effects that each of these things has on an individual and as a family we gain the ability to learn more about how we as humans work and why we feel the need to communicate in the ways that we do. Because of the importance of communication, it is incredibly important to make sure that we understand every facet of it that we can, and sibling communication/story telling is a very large part of that.

PR Signature Assignment

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